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PRICES : 60 minutes 200 €uros.

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Nude massage with Vika, first step

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WHY NUDE MASSAGE (naturopathic massage) ?

Great question, very simple to answer. Any obstacle to touch is just a barrier. When both bodies are naked, there is no barrier, and the skill of the masseuse combined with a good oil will make you enjoy this body-to-body contact like never before.

Just imagine feeling your masseuse’s naked thigh slide against yours? Or her firm breasts working their magic with delicate pressure along your back?

This relationship with the nude makes my naturist massages a truly sensual and erotic experience.

I use not only my hands, but also my body to massage you. It’s a luxury service, and you’ll be treated like a VIP.

I want to assure you of incomparable pleasure. The goal of nude massage is simply to please you, to experience orgasmic pleasure and to enjoy nude contact with a beautiful woman.


Nude massage (naturopathic massage) is a non-tantric massage designed to be sensual, the aim being to put you in a state of complete relaxation. A Nude Massage is what makes an erotic, sensual massage so much more engaging than a traditional massage. It’s an extra element that we know will delight you. You’ll get an incredible massage with several Swedish, Ayurvedic and even Indian skull massage techniques if you wish.

This is a quality wellness massage.

Naturist massage (naturopathic massage) is absolute relaxation.

Sometimes this type of massage can cause concern. What’s included – is it a real massage? A nude massage is generally non-tantric, and aims to put you in a state of total release.

It’s a massage, not an escort service.

NUDE MASSAGE TECHNIQUE (naturopathic massage)

Naked next to you, I’ll slowly caress your body with my fingertips. I’ll use a massage oil that feels good on your skin. If you wish, I can blindfold you, so that by depriving you of one of your senses, you’ll feel even more strongly the sensations I’m giving you.

I’ll gently knead your neck and slowly work my way to your shoulders. Then I’ll gently massage and slide my body against yours. Gentle pressure, all over your body….

All you have to do is let go, surrender, breathe deeply and be attentive to every touch, let your body respond and enjoy!

Nude massage is not a prelude, it’s a form of relaxation. Take your time. Enjoy the build-up of sexual energy, no rush, no pressure…


TARIFS : 60 minutes 200 €uros.

+33(0) 745 580 143


Some of us are more sociable and others a little more shy. No problem, I’m here to give you pleasure out of time. Nude massage will help you regain your self-confidence. There are no restrictions other than letting yourself go and surrendering to my massage. No one to observe or judge you.

If you like, when you select your massage, just mention that you’d like a topless massage to start with until you’re comfortable and ready for the whole nude massage experience.

As naturists already know, there are many health benefits to being nude, and while you may not be able to live a naturist lifestyle, working with a nude masseuse can help you realize some of those health benefits.

Si vous êtes curieux et que vous voulez passer un moment sensuel avec un belle femme, le massage nu est parfait pour vous. 

Grâce à mon expérience vous serez en toute sécurité sachant que ma réputation n‘est plus à faire, que la confidentialité et mon professionnalisme restent une règle d’or. 


TARIFS : 60 minutes 200 €uros.

+33(0) 745 580 143