Body to body massage


Prices :

30 minutes 200 €uros

60 minutes 250 €uros

+33(0) 745 580 143

Body-to-body massage

My body to body massage  is a truly erotic massage experience. During my  unique body-to-body massage i will use my  naked body to massage yours. After i am  lovingly and meticulously covered you entire body in warm non-scented massage oil to prepare you for the delights to follow, i will slowly glide up and down your body caressing you and your erogenous areas in a way nothing else can.

A body-to-body massage not only regenerates you, it makes you more aware of your erotic energies.

Your entire body will be massaged and caressed by sensual hands and fabulous breasts, which will wander to the most intimate places with erotic provocations. You’ll moan with pleasure.

I’ll use every part of my body to offer you a variety of sensations. Every part of your body will be treated with care, skill and astonishing balance, I’ll make you shiver from head to toe, and more…


Body-to-body massage: The steps.

Absolute relaxation and pleasure, in a relaxing and fun atmosphere.

An unforgettable experience.

I’m a true expert in this and other intensely erotic massages that aim to uncover the body’s most sensual needs.


Prices :

30 minutes 200 €uros.

6O minutes 250 €uros

+33(0) 745 580 143